New Dixie Chicks Music! (Kinda)

15 Mar

Oh, Natalie Maines – how I’ve missed you!

Since their hay-day was almost 15 years ago, many of you may not know that I loves me some Dixie Chicks.  Their stories of Wide Open Spaces and being Ready to Run were just what this small-town, Southern Baptist, un-knowing gay boy needed.

Their music spoke to me – so much so that I even used their lyrics in my graduation speech!  I’m pretty sure there are pics out there somewhere of me chasing their tour bus down an interstate highway on the outskirts of Lafayette.  I would have caught them, too, if my flip flop hadn’t broken and sent me flying in the air.  Nice mental image, right?

Needless to say, I was devastated when all that hooplah went down and they were banned from the world.  But I never stopped believing in them, and I never stopped loving them.  And how excited was I to see that Natalie Maines had a new song out!  It’s on the soundtrack for Big Love, and it’s available for download on iTunes.

Before you buy, check out God Only Knows below:


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