Adventures in Infused Vodka: Part 2

5 Sep

20110904-082917.jpgOkay, so maybe it took me a month to write Part 2. So sue me.

Sorry, it was a weird August, and I was laying pretty low. And drinking fruit-infused vodka. Lots of vodka. But I’m definitely on the upswing, and that means I feel like writing!

I’m not going to make this post very long, but I did want to give an update on my infused vodka experiment. Let’s just say – it was successful. So successful, in fact, that one of my friends even mentioned it may have been the “best martini” she had ever drunk. (Yep, “drunk” is correct. I just had to re-educate myself on past participles.)

If you remember from last time, I was whacking the shit out of peaches and pitting sweet, Ohio cherries to make my first two flavors of vodka. First, let’s talk about the peach vodka. It was ready after only three days! How did I know it was ready? Well, I just kept trying it, and after three days, it tasted like a sweet peach! I preferred this vodka shaken and served straight up. It was amazing.

Next, let’s talk about the cherry vanilla. After a week, the vodka still did not taste like cherries! So, after much innerwebs stalking and chatting with my alchy friends (that’s you, Stephanie Sewell), I decided to cook the cherries with a bit of sugar to help bring out their “cherry-ness”. I strained the cherries out of the vodka and put them on the stove on low heat with about 1/4 cup of sugar. And I just let them cook for about an hour. Then, I dumped the cooked cherries back in the vodka. And after another two days, I had it!

To test out the new cherry vanilla vodka, I invited a few friends over for samples. I made martinis with simply the cherry vanilla vodka and a squirt of my homemade vanilla extract. And they were to die for.

In the end, I’m extremely satisfied with the results of my first vodka-infusing experiment. I did learn a few lessons:

  • Don’t get caught up with any strict timeframes. Just do what feels right and sample along the way!
  • Really think about the fruits that you’re using and make sure they’re in season.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. If something’s not working, just play around with it. C’mon, it’s vodka. You really can’t screw it up. And if you think it’s too terrible to drink, bring it to Bmac.



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