Bmac’s Official Review: Magic Mike

1 Jul


Intro: I think I first heard about the concept of Magic MIke almost two years ago, and needless to say, I was ecstatic. And then I heard the film was really happening – I almost couldn’t stand the wait. Believe me, those last few weeks crept by, but then the big day finally came! It was time for the premier of Magic Mike. And the verdict? Did it live up to the hype? 

Expectations: Before I jump into the review, I think it’s important to talk about my expectations prior to seeing the film: I was expecting major cheese factor, lots of dancing. loads of laughter, large volumes of almost-naked screen time with the boys, and maybe – just maybe – a little peen.

Review: The first 30 minutes or so totally lived up to the hype. I mean, we saw Channing Tatum’s ass within the first 60 seconds. I thought, “This is the film I’ve been waiting for!” There were some great dances, old-school songs, glitz and glamour, and a pack of seriously hot men.

But then the film meandered somewhere else. Somewhere dark. It took a dive into the world of sex, drugs, and relationships. And this is not somewhere I was prepared for Magic Mike to take me. I just kept waiting for director Steven Soderbergh to take the journey back to the fun stuff, but alas, he never did.

If I had to sum up my feelings for the movie in one word, it would be unsatisfied. Here’s the deal: I love cheesy movies, and I love dark and twisty movies. I just need some commitment to one or the other. Sadly, for me, since Magic Mike tries to be a bit of both, I was left wanting more.

Loves: The dancing! Channing Tatum has the moves! And all the guys were funny and sexy and genuinely seemed to be having a great time in the film. Matthew McConaughey was another one of the stand-outs for me; he really took his character seriously and completely let his guard down.

Gripes: I know the movie is supposed to focus on the relationship between Channing Tatum’s and Alex Pettyfer’s characters, but there was literally zero character development for any of the other guys. And there was so little focus on the actual stripping. I could have used some more of the sexiness on-screen.

Verdict (for women): All the women came out of the theatre looking happy and smiling, and they all seemed to genuinely enjoy the film. I definitely think Magic Mike is made for the ladies. If you’re of the vagina-kind, I most definitely think you’ll enjoy this movie.

Verdict (for gay men): All the gay men coming out of the theatre also had the same look on their faces: frustrated. I mean, I see more nakedness from one episode of True Blood! If you’re looking for cheese factor, go re-watch Burlesque. And if you want something dark and twisty, try Shame with the intoxicatingly sexy Michael Fassbender. And if you’re looking for peen, just go watch some porn.


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